BMAM Online Forum Starts TODAY!

 Hello Bluegrass Music Association of Maine members!!

       We are pleased to be bringing this forum online for our BMAM current Members. It is important to us that we bring you perks of membership and we think this is an activity that will allow us to congregate, share a lot of information and just have fun enjoying our common love of bluegrass.

     When BMAM was incorporated in 1996, I don’t think any of the folks on the Steering Committee anticipated that our acoustic pastime would involve so much technology, so we are excited that this forum, which has been thought about for some years, is finally realized. Many thanks go to our Webmaster, the Board of Directors and Officers, and our new Online Presence Committee for getting this up and running!

       I am looking forward to the many discussions to come on this forum, along with the new potential to find musicians or teachers, to post for buying and selling instruments, learn of bands and shows, and find information from others about all things bluegrass!

    We will soon be posting BMAM forum guidelines, but expect our members to remain courteous to their fellow members as we have always been in person.  

    So, sign in and enjoy this forum, and if you have friends that are not members who would like to join in, please direct them the Membership Registration page on this website at or sign up for membership at one of our BMAM jams.

    All BMAM members will have to register for forum using the forum registration link provided.  We will be approving forum membership manually to ensure this remains a members perk, but will do our best to approve registrations within 24 hours.  If you do not receive a registration confirmation please check your spam folder. 

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Mama Beth Revels
Pres., BMAM