Play It Forward!

The Bluegrass Music Association of Maine Board is proud to introduce a new program to help increase and diversify our membership and grow our organization!  The NEW Play It Forward Program will allow current members to introduce the organization to other Bluegrass fans by sponsoring their first year of membership.  Play It Forward works like when you are at the coffee shop and pay for the person in back of you. We are hoping that the person you sponsor will enjoy their membership and in turn play it forward so we can continue the process. Please get involved with BMAM and let’s have some fun this year with the upcoming Bluegrass music events!  Invite and sponsor a member today!

By being a Play It Forward sponsor you will help to build a stronger, more vibrant future for Bluegrass Music Association of Maine.  Donations to the Play It Forward Program will create an opportunity for increased participation in the Maine bluegrass community, relationship-building with bluegrass musicians and fans, and connection with new potential members.  If the individual accepts the membership invitation, they will enjoy access to the full suite of benefits afforded by a BMAM membership and may even choose to “Play It Forward” themselves!

For complete details and to sponsor a new member, visit-