Bronzewound 2019 IBMA After Hours Showcase

To our bluegrass band members and performers:
Darwin Davidson, host of “Bronzewound” a bluegrass radio show out of Blue Hill Maine, will be at the IBMA’s World of Bluegrass in Raleigh hosting a showcase on September 25th for bluegrass bands who are looking for national exposure.
Below is an open letter of invitation to participate in the few openings for his stage show in Raleigh.  For more information on the World of Bluegrass, an urban festival presented by the International Bluegrass Music Association of which BMAM is a member, follow this link:
Hi all,

As I have done for quite a few years now, I will again host the “Bronzewound After Hours Showcase”. I hosted it last year, and have done so before in Raleigh, and for many years before that in Nashville, and Louisville. I definitely had a lot of pleasure in doing those….and I look forward to a repeat experience.

My main goal has always been to showcase bluegrass musicians that are ready to move up the bluegrass ladder. I want to showcase bluegrass performers who need a label, or PR representation, or who need their album(s) played on bluegrass radio.

If you fit that criteria, or know of a bluegrass band (or performer) who fills that criteria, please have them get in touch with me immediately. And of course….if they are planning, or want to come to IBMA in Raleigh in 2019.

I’ll be there for sure. And I look forward to hearing from you. Soon….as I have only eight (8) time slots to fill, twenty-five (25) minutes each. The date will be Wednesday, September 25th, between 10pm and 2am, at the Marriott City Center Hotel in their “Marriott Chancellor Room”.

I will evaluate your entries and make a decision as to who those eight will be by August 1st.

Thank you.

Darwin Davidson
“Bronzewound” Bluegrass, Thursday8-10 PM 
WERU-FM 89.9 Blue Hill, Maine
Now webcasting at