BLUEGRASS JAMMING WORKSHOP at the LAST Eastern JAM of the season

BMAM is Sponsoring a Bluegrass Jam Workshop during the LAST Eastern Jam – OF THE SEASON Come Join Us May 7, 2017, 1-2 PM at the Grange in Brewer.  The Eastern Jam Hours are 12-5 PM and the Workshop will be held Upstairs.  The Address is 1266 No. Main Street, Brewer.  No Additional Charge for the Workshop – Just the Usual Entry Fee.


We are pleased to announce that Ken and Jane Brooks will be returning to the BMAM Eastern Jam for a follow-up/continuation of Ken’s Bluegrass Jamming 101 Workshop recently held at the Grange in Brewer.  Ken and Jane will again stay after the workshop to jam, answer questions, and give help as needed with Bluegrass jam skills.

Some of the Bluegrass jam skills Ken will cover:

  • Dynamics – when and how to play quietly, when and how to play loudly and why
  • What skills do you need before being ready to lead songs? – singing and/or instrumental
  • How do you choose a song to lead in a Bluegrass jam? Is it already Bluegrass, or if not, can you play it in the Bluegrass style of “verse, chorus, break”, for example?
  • What’s a good length for a Bluegrass jam song and why?
  • Why choose “I, IV, V” chord songs in major keys for a Bluegrass jam? What are the common minors and off-chords that are sometimes used?
  • Review the role of each instrument during back-up.

This is planned to be an open-ended session with give-and-take and practice.  Hope you can come and play.