New BAND page on our website!

Be sure and check out our new BLUEGRASS BANDS OF MAINE page, a great addition at !!  This new page will showcase YOUR band.  YOU can submit a biography and a picture of YOUR BLUEGRASS BAND to be included on this page.  BMAM no longer has a “Band Membership” which means that ANY current BMAM Member, either Single (solo) or Couple (duet) member, can present their band’s information on our BLUEGRASS BANDS OF MAINE page.

To access the page, go to the drop-down menu at the “Association Information” heading and go to BLUEGRASS BANDS OF MAINE, or click here now: .   You can scroll down to view or use the alphabet icons for quick access.  If you want to add your band’s information, click on the blue bar that says “ Click here to add your information to this page.”  Then, submit your information by filling out the online form and follow up by emailing a high quality photo to the webmaster.  You can make BIO revisions or change the picture at any time.  Not a current member? Go to “Membership Information” FMI.

Some members have already submitted their band information. Enjoy reading the BIOs of the bands AND by clicking on the ICONS next to the band name, you can go directly to their email address or (if provided) their webpage, facebook page or any other social media page. Also, have fun with the featured jam song page with videos coming shortly.

We want to help showcase your MAINE BLUEGRASS BAND !!