Maine Country Music Hall of Fame

Nomination Form, Instructions and Requirements

BMAM is one of six Maine country/bluegrass music organizations.  The Maine Country Music Hall of Fame (MCMHOF) serves all these organizations by recognizing deserving individuals to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.  The board is made of members from each organization.  I represent BMAM and would be proud to see bluegrass musicians considered for review by the MCMHOF induction committee.

I can assure my bluegrass family that our favorite form of music is well represented in the Hall of Fame.  The MCMHOF Museum, located at 272 Lewiston Road, Mechanic Falls, showcases each of the prior inductees and I encourage you to visit. I’m sure you’ll be impressed.

If you would like to nominate someone that seems likely to meet the requirements, please complete the application form that includes the instructions and requirements for consideration. Don’t hesitate to contact Ken Brooks or Slim Andrews, whose phone numbers are listed on the application, or to call me at 207-277-3733.  Any of us can provide you with guidance in completing the application and providing the supporting documents needed so that the Induction Committee can do a fair review.

Joe Kennedy

Bmam Board Chairperson

MCMHOF Museum Board Member/Vice Chair

MCMHOF Nomination Form